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QT-600 Ethernet Probe


The JDSU QT-600 is a carrier-grade, scalable, Ethernet probe that delivers the test and troubleshooting capabilities required to deploy Ethernet with confidence. An integral component of the JDSU NetComplete® Service Assurance Solution, the QT-600 reduces operations costs with its streamlined service turn-up process and rapid segmentation abilities that quickly identify the source of the problem. The detailed test results generated by the QT-600 give service providers the confidence to guarantee service-level performance. Converting this information into proactive measures has a positive impact—building greater customer retention and loyalty and contributing to reduced operational costs by decreasing the deployment of multiple technicians to remote locations.

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  • Carrier grade Ethernet probe
  • Centralized automated testing
  • Combines active testing with passive monitoring


  • Validates Ethernet services are turned up according to service level agreements (SLAs) optimizing long-term burn-in testing from a centralized location
  • Troubleshoots and sectionalizes issues with Ethernet services using ping, traceroute, RFC-2544, and 802.1ag/Y.1731 standard testing
  • Monitors network traffic, performs top N analysis, captures traffic, and applies filters/triggers to drill down into data and troubleshoot problems

Key Features

  • Supports up to 16 simultaneous active tests including ping, traceroute, RFC-2544 and 802.1ag/Y.1731 loopback/linktrace.
  • Supports automatic Layer 2 or Layer 3 loopback mode and can automatically loopback various Network Interface Devices (NIDs).
  • Supports 802.1aq VLAN environments controlling VLAN priority or IP priority settings using Diffserv and ToS bits
  • Provides sophisticated filters and triggers for data capturing supporting both pcap and cap formats.
  • Supports highly configurable input parameters for each test providing maximum flexibility for troubleshooting