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The vLoc-5000 delivers premium features with high level performance and intuitive ease of use. With Signal Select, Distortion Alert and Signal Direction the vLoc-5000 raises the bar in buried utility identification. The high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery supplied as standard will save you hundreds of dollars on replacement alkaline batteries.


The Loc-10TxSIS provides a new Signal Select positive line ID feature, as well as Signal Direction modes. Adjustable up to 10W, the transmitter measures line parameters in absolute physical units (volts, ohms, amps), to give you critical insights into the quality of a complete line circuit. Essential information is easily visible on the transmitter’s display screen. Other enhancements include high capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery technology that lower operating costs.




  • Utility Locating System
  • Signal Select
  • Signal Direction
  • Distortion Alert
  • Accuracy
  • Data Utilization
  • Data Management
  • Internal Data Logging
  • Internal GPS

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